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Commercial Interiors Designed to Inspire

While we may not realise it, the design and layout of our workspace can really affect our productivity.

If you are looking to really sell your brand, work seamlessly and make a statement in your commercial office, Merit
interior designers can be the perfect solution. Here at Merit Interiors, we know the impact the right design can make to a
workplace. Helping you create not only the ideal space to attract clients but also a welcome environment for employees,
we create solutions that inspire.

Our commercial interiors design team, located in Melbourne, Sydney and Geelong, are well qualified to assist you in all
aspects of your fitout design and implementation. Thoroughly grounded in commercial interior design practices and
principles, Merit has worked with clients across many industry sectors and project types in our 30+ years in this field.

Revamp your office with our commercial interior designers that work with you

In approaching interior design, we take into account your company image, your preferred style – be it modern or conservative, bold or minimalist – and work within a clearly defined budget that is fully itemised as we document the scope of works.

While we know what a difference our modern and tailored commercial interiors can make to a space, we know undergoing
the change all at once can be a little daunting. Our services can be structured and rendered in phases to suit your
management program. This is great for those that want to execute the transformation over an extended period or those
looking to reduce disruption as much as possible.

Speak to our commercial office interior designers in Melbourne or Sydney

If you would like to work with our team to find the ideal office interior design for your Melbourne or Sydney space, please
get in touch with us today and we will organise a time to get together and discuss your ideas and provide further
inspiration if required.
To talk with us, please call 1800 677 166. You can also send an email to with any questions or
complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.