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Spatial Assesment

An independent spatial assessment of your existing or proposed property will help facilitate optimal results in your workplace.

Knowing how people move, where activity will be centred, and how to group different departments and groups of people is crucial to optimising productivity and ensuring high employee morale. The same room with the same furniture and the same number of people can be transformed from claustrophobic and confining to open and welcoming with our help.

Merit Interiors’ independent spatial assessment of your workplace forms a critical step in the process of providing a strategic design centred around your people. This process is informed by an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. Our appraisal team have the resource and expertise to assist in minimising your financial exposure whilst maximising your business opportunity.

Rethinking the office

An efficient spatial assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of the immediate needs of your organisation, but more importantly takes into account the future requirements of your team ensuring that the design is aligned with your company’s vision for the future.

Think of these assessment as a way to inform your business goals for the foreseeable future. As mundane and obvious as it sounds, the office is the centre of the business. If it’s inadequate for the business’ needs, then the business itself will suffer. In addition to affecting productivity and morale, how your office utilises its space can also have an impact on potential clients. Too large and empty and it sends the message that your business is under-staffed or badly resourced. Too small for your company and the office can seem chaotic, cluttered and disorganised.

Maximising the use of your spaces makes financial sense on a number of levels. An attractive, well-organised office helps to send a message of professionalism to clients. What’s more, it helps your employees feel more at ease in the workplace, helping to increase productivity and fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

More directly, fully utilising your space allows you to hire the maximum number of people possible, ensuring maximum profit for your business. Inefficient use of space severely hampers your ability to grow as a company. This can result in regular disruptive, expensive relocations and an unequal allocation of resources between departments and workers. An all too common problem for business-owners is realising that their company is expanding too fast for the premises they’ve just taken possession of. If you’ve signed a three-year lease, make sure that space is suitable for your needs throughout the term of the lease.

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